The glossonym Zaza originated as a pejorative and many Zazas call their language Dimlî. Dimli is spoken by approximate 1 million people in the Eastern part of Turkey. It is related to the Kurdish language. The number of speakers is gradually dimishing over the last several years as Turkish is becoming prevalent throughout the country. Also many people have migrated to the west.


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NounEdit. dimli m (uncountable). Zazaki (language).


Dimli is spoken/used in Turkey Language Family Dimli the Dwarf.

dimly definition: 1. in a way that does not give or have much light: 2. slightly, but not very well: 3. in a way….
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The Dimli follow Alevi Shiite religious traditions. Ministry Obstacles.
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The Dimli differ from the Kurds in two ways: language and religion. They have a distinct dialect, and are seen as heretics by the Kurds, who are Sunnis. The Dimli follow Alevi Shiite religious traditions.

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The Good: He’s got a lot of gold and can pretty much drink anyone under the table! The Bad: Sometimes, he gets a little grumpy… Somliga zazaer använder ordet dimli (eller daylami) för att beskriva sin etniska identitet. Ordet dimli är också namnet på en region i provinsen Gilan i dagens Iran . En del lingvister sammanför ordet dimli med Dalamiterna i Alborzbergen nära Kaspiska havet i Iran och tror att zazaerna utvandrade västerut från Daylam. DIMLI is currently used by the Visual Resources Center and the Department of History of Art at Vanderbilt University to process and deliver new digitization orders, and also to perform a recataloging of thousands of old image records in order to conform with the Visual Resources Association's Core 4 standards for the cataloging of cultural objects. dimly definition: 1.